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~*Jrock Fantasy RPG*~


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Welcome to Jrock Fantasy. This is a Non-AU jrock rp, so if you don't know what that is, either look it up or don't bother joining. The mods don't mean to be nasty but we only want players with experience here in the community. But if you do know the basis of a jrock rpg, please read on. ^_^

Plot: The Jrock industry has grown immensely from its meager beginnings. The population not only has grown in the number of fans but also in the number of musicians and production labels. Many nobodies have made their mark on history and are known worldwide to the devout followers of this genre. Some of them include X Japan, Dir en Grey, Luna Sea, Malice Mizer, and many more. And we can't forget one of jrocker's main subcultures: indies! There is a plethora of indies bands out there trying to make it big, Gazette, Alice Nine, and Vidoll just to name a few.

Here in this rpg, the bands you love will get to perform at a special weeklong festival: Rock 'N' Love! However, there is a little twist. The musicians do get to perform, but they will be mixed and matched with members of other bands. The productions labels have gotten together and planned out who is going to be put with whom. Can you imagine Kyo and Mana in the same band? Here it's possible! (And I'm sure we've all heard that Kyo doesn't like Mana. I still put that in the rumor category as I have not seen any proof at all. Please keep in mind we don't want to enforce rumors in game play.) All the band members will be randomly put into projects (can be solo or up to more than 7) and will be forced to work together to show off their talents for Rock 'N' Love. Don't worry! The bands will also perform with their own respective bands for the festival. ^_^

Muses: Jrockers only. The TRAX is acceptable but we don't want Jpop/Kpop/etc. It is required that your muse have their own specific journal for this community.

- Application -
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closed. This RP is temporarily closed. It will be opened again soon once things are re-vamped. Sorry for the inconvenience.