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Once upon a time I sort-of applied for the role of Gackt here, but buggered out of it before I really got in. Now I'm back, with experience this time (though only a little), and I'd like to apply properly.

Muse (solo): Gackt
Muse's Journal: I'll not make one until the RP kicks off, so pending for now.
Muse's AIM: visionsofmusic
Your Name: As SpiritMuse I'll go by Muse usually, but that'll be confusing here, so call me Spirit. Or Gacktmun. ^_^
Your AIM: You can contact me under visionsofmusic too. Obviously. ^^

(( Yeah I know he's not actually *doing* anything in it but it's the best I could come up with. ^^ ))
Rock 'N' Love was the name of the festival Gackt had just been invited to play at, according to the note he had received. Normally he didn't particularly like playing at festivals; he felt they never gave him enough space to create the stage setups he wanted. But he liked the unique idea of this one. All the performing artists would be mixed and matched into completely new band setups. It was an idea he'd never seen before and that's exactly why he wanted to do it.

And I thought I'd add a piece of the journal of my current muse Gackt to show that style too:

We are preparing the live for tomorrow.
Even though we have had a few days away from lives, we haven't been sitting still.
There are always things to be practiced, things to be improved.
I want to give the best show of my life every single time.
As you know.
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