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Muse: Hizumi of +D'espairsRay+
Muse's Journal: maverickbeast
Muse's AIM/MSN: manekinko
Your Name: goku
Your Journal: gojuukyuu

Hizumi snaked a hand through his semi-matted black hair as he groaned quietly to himself. He laid upon his back upon the sofa in the living of his humble apartment thinking of the mess that his band and himself had gotten into. Doing a concert joining with different bands was one thing. But meeting new musician to write new music and ultimately make a new band was totally different. He had a hard enough time adjusting to D'espairsRay and now to be thrown into a new position like this? Wasn't the daily stress with one band hard enough? Then again… He supposed the fans would get a kick out of. But they never truly knew how much work went into an album or even a single. The vocalist sighed lightly as rolled onto his side to stare at the blank walls of his dwelling. If only he could think positive?
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